February 21, 2020



(Phaseolus spp)

Lots of different types of green bean – green bean, runner bean, French bean, garden bean etc.

A climbing annual plant with white and sometimes red flowers (depending on the variety) grown for the ‘fruit’ of the plant…the green beans.

Also include...

February 14, 2020


(Theobroma cacao)

Now where do I start?  I have to tell you I take my writing job seriously and I do a huge amount of research…this particular subject took some time…and involved a lot of practical investigation…

Chocolate is made from the cacao bean with a comb...

February 7, 2020



Oh so many cheese varieties and made from all kinds of different milk and all so delicious!  It is an ancient food (I am not talking about that old lump of cheddar stuck in the back of your fridge) pots used for separating curds have been found dating back...

January 31, 2020


(Camellia sinensis)

A good ole cup of tea (see previous chapter on The Magic of Tea).

Your tea leaves are not only good for divination they also hold excellent magical properties.  Tea is ruled by the Sun and the element of fire so it packs a huge powerful punch of ma...

January 24, 2020


From teeny tiny quails eggs up to huge ostrich eggs they come in all sorts of shapes, the delicate outer casing containing the yolk and the white.  Boiled, scrambled, fried, poached or sunny side up…how do you like yours?

An egg is a complete neat package of life an...

January 20, 2020


To win a set of FLOWER MAGIC ORACLE CARDS from Witch & Author, Rachel Patterson

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January 18, 2020



Honey - the glorious nectar of the bees.  One of the oldest foods known to man…and woman.  Bees are incredibly magical and are often said to be messengers from the gods and the spirit world.

Honey is sacred to many gods including the Egyptian god Ra and t...

January 17, 2020



A favourite caffeine fuelled brew made from the roasted beans (seeds) of an evergreen shrub from the coffea genus – usually coffea Arabica or coffea canephora.

Now I have to admit I am a bit of a coffee wuss…it has to be a latte and it has to have heap loa...

January 14, 2020

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Wild Witchcraft Conference last year and was very honoured to be asked back this year (must have behaved myself..

December 31, 2019

What a fantastic year 2019 was, although tinged with the challenge of hitting the menopause full on (seriously, 'challenge' doesn't even begin to cover it), for the most part 2019 was a success.

It was my honour and pleasure to talk at several events in 2019:

Talk on Sun...

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