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Tylluan Penry | Author of Seeking the Green, Magic on the Breath, Magical Properties of Plants, Staying on the Old Track and the Essential Guide to Psychic Self Defence

I am very proud to write this endorsement/preface for Rachel’s book, Kitchen Witchcraft. Rachel is very sensible and down to earth, both qualities that are rare nowadays, but which I really admire. Rachel’s book contains plenty of great suggestions for kitchen witchery and I particularly like her emphasis on learning to love what you have, yet learning to adapt and grow too, which is an essential part of the Craft. The beauty of this book is the ease with which Rachel blends the magical with the everyday, something I consider to be the true essence of all witchcraft. Her writing is a friendly, personal account that immediately invites us to feel we are there in the kitchen with her. This is particularly helpful for those who work as solitaries.  Kitchen Witchcraft contains plenty of ideas about the seasons, elements, festivals, gardens, working with candles and crystals and – best of all in my view – recipes for potions and incense etc. These will make even the newest beginner feel very ‘witchy’ indeed!

Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft

​Pull up a chair, have a cup of tea, sit back and take a glimpse into the world of Kitchen Witchcraft. This little book will give you an insight into what a Kitchen Witch is, what they do and how they do it. It gives an overview of the Sabbats, working with the Moon, the elements and candle magic. Packed full of ideas for crafting such as washes and smudges for your home and your body, witch bottles, incense, medicine bags, magic powders and offerings. Take a stroll through a Kitchen Witch's garden and discover what you will find there and finish up with some lovely meditations.
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