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Pagan Portals Meditation

Publication 11th December 2015
An introduction to the beautiful world of meditation...

This book will take you on a journey giving hints and tips on how to meditate succesfully, breathing exercises, chants and visualisation tips. Also included are lovely meditation tea and incense blends, how to meditate with crystals, make meditation beads and a whole host of guided meditations for you to experience. Together with introducing you to other meditation skills such as pathworking, shape shifting, astral travel and working with meditation to cleanse your chakras.

The ability to bend into a pretzel shape and chant 'om' optional...


Nimue Brown | Author 

This is a very readable, user friendly book giving a taster of a broad range of meditation practices. Pragmatic, highly usable, and with plenty of inspiration and jumping off points, this is a great place to start if you want to explore meditation as a Pagan.

James Nichol | Author of Contemplative Druidry

'Rachel Patterson has written an exuberant and free-spirited introduction to a subject often treated with undue deference and solemnity. She gives her readers permission to sample the smorgasbord of the world's traditions, providing a stimulus to craft their own practice and/or connect with relevant communities and teachers.'




There are many, many books about meditation on the market - I've got quite a few of them myself already - so why would I want another? Well, because Pagan Portals - Meditations is actually a bit different.  Most of the books on meditation I've seen are aimed at the general mind, body, spirit market. This one is aimed specifically at pagans and witches.   As well as explaining the basics of how to get started, Pagan Portals - Meditation goes into more advanced magical techniques, such as hedge riding, shape shifting and astral travel - or out of body experiences. For me, the chapter on how to use meditation to achieve an out-of-body experience was the most useful. To be completely honest, in the past I've only ever had out-of-body experiences when I've been very ill - and that's not something I'd recommend to anyone. Rachel Patterson offers a whole range of much safer techniques to get your consciousness outside your physical body and off travelling in the astral realms.  Pagan Portals - Meditation would make a great addition to any witch's bookshelf. 




I love this book. It's one of those books that rarely ends up on my bookshelf , because I refer to it daily. I've meditated for years , but the book has some lovely meditations and pathworkings that I hadn't tried before. I particularly love the crystal and chakra meditations. As with Rachel's other books, it is chock full of info and written in her very reader friendly style. This book is suitable for pagans who are new to meditation , and those who are more experienced , but would like some new ideas and inspiration.




As always an excellent book from Rachel Patterson, easy to read and follow can be used by a novice or for someone more experienced. The techniques given in his book can be easily incorporated into daily practice even for the busiest witch!




Having read other books, in an attempt to meditate, this was the first one that I understood. Rachel writes in a friendly, encouraging manner, giving the opportunity to try different methods, till you find the ones that suit you best.



Love all Rachel Patterson books, very informative and understandable. This book is enjoyable and a very practical making meditation accessible and enjoyable.




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