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FREE Online Courses, for a limited time

In light of the current world situation, we have decided to offer all our independent online courses for free, for a limited period of time.

Most of our courses are designed to be worked over a period of several weeks, apart from Arc of the Goddess which is over twelve months.

Full online support is given and access to the lessons is via our online school forum. Lessons are worked at your own pace and there is no homework to send in. You keep your own journals and records, or use the forum to keep an online journal.

Usual prices vary from £20 to £50 - but for the next few weeks we are offering access to the courses for FREE.

Choose from:

Crystal Witchcraft

Dark Goddess Pathways

Celtic Gods

Arc of the Goddess

Celtic Goddesses

Magic of Trees

Herbal Pathways

All you need to do is take a look at the list of courses, which can be found on our website here:


Register a username and password on the Kitchen Witch School forum here:


And lastly, send an email to kitchenwitchhearth@yahoo.com with your username and which course you would like access to.

Keep an eye on your inbox for set up details.

Note: This offer does not include the subscription Witchcraft course.


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