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What do you expect from a High Priestess?

A question that came up recently and one that I have pondered often...

What do you expect from a High Priest/ess? I feel very honoured to have earnt the title High Priestess after eight years of training, working through the three Wiccan degrees including training 'in the field' as well as academic, admittedly it took me eight years because I had a baby in the middle of my training but still... During my own training I studied under two High Priestesses and two High Priests... in my own humble opinion some of them were better than others but I learnt something from all of them...what to do and what not to do. I did some research on the net to see what definitions and requirements were for the role of addition to what I already knew/believed in. There is as far as I know no actual 'law' about who can call themselves an could in effect give the title to your pet tortoise... However within most Wiccan/Witchcraft circles it is believed that a High Priest/ess is someone who leads a coven and should be very knowledgeable about the Craft but I personally believe there is a whole lot more to it. In most Wiccan traditions you are also required to have trained and worked through the three Wiccan degrees to earn the title and must be given the title by someone who is already themselves an HPs. Everyone that walks the pathway of the Craft may call themselves a Priest/Priestess so what makes an High Priest/ess different? Personally I believe it is experience and knowledge but also an ability to be 'a witch of many hats' and I believe you have to earn the title and role... From my own experience and I believe these are some of the qualities required: Experience Knowledge of the Craft Advanced knowledge of the Craft The ability to work proficently with energy Organisation skills Planning & co-ordinating abilities Management and people skills Ability to resolve conflicts Able to put together a ritual...on the spot...with no planning or script Teaching skills Supporting your coven members Good self esteem and self awareness Respect not only for others and the Divine but self respect too Kindness Generosity Humility Emotional balance A desire to do the work of the Divine in whatever form it might be Obviously the exact role of an High Priest/ess will vary depending on the Witchcraft tradition and the type of coven but I think the above lays out the basics. Do I meet all of those expectations as an HPs myself? I hope so, but I am not perfect...not by a long shot but I try to do the very best that I can. My list of qualities would probably have to include those of - sense of humour and ability to bring laughter to the circle...and cake, I always bring cake... Most importantly...being an HPs is a position of service...not power. I feel extremely blessed to be the High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven along with my co HPs Tracey Roberts, I do hope that we bring all of the above qualities to our group of coven members and our students, we feel extremely honoured to be a part of it. We aren't any better than anyone else, we aren't cleverer or even the most knowledgeable but hopefully we fulfill the role to the best of our abilities.


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