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I expect everyone is used to using herbs and plants for magical workings and perhaps even food stuff such as rice (good for prosperity) but what about things that we throw away such as the shells from nuts?

I always keep the shells not just because I hate waste but because I use them in my magical workings as they still hold the magical properties of the nut that they surrounded...and I get to eat the nut from is a win win situation. You can use the pieces in medicine pouches, witches bottles or to stuff poppets and if you have a decent electric coffee or spice grinder you can turn them into magic/sachet powder too. As always (this should be my mantra) go with your intuition about what magical properties each nut shell has but here are my correspondences: Almond Magical Properties: Love, prosperity, treasure, intuition, psychic powers, passion Brazil nut Magical Properties: Love, prosperity Cashew Magical Properties: Prosperity, energy Chestnut Magical Properties: Strength, success, prosperity, abundance, fertility Hazelnut Magical Properties: Protection, psychic powers, wisdom, fertility, Faerie, Healing Macadamia Magical Properties: Prosperity Peanut Magical Properties: Masculine energy, prosperity Pecan Magical Properties: Prosperity Pistachio Magical Properties: Hex breaking, grounding, divination Walnut Magical Properties: Wishes, mental powers, clarity, fertility Magical correspondences taken from A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food


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