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Beltane Ritual

Beltane Ritual written by Stacey Mantle

Colours: The deep plum of wine/grapes, gold for the returning of our beautiful sun, green for the lovely fields of grass and white for the purity of love.

Items needed:

One tea lite candle for each person at the ritual.

Ribbons in the above colours or the colours of your choice that represent Beltane to you, about 12 inches in length and a stick of wood for a handle to secure the ribbons to (hopefully found loose on the ground). If you need to trim from a tree, please make sure to ask its permission first.


Cloth of gold.

A shell to hold water for the west.

A green candle for fire for the south.

A few rocks and a bit of earth to represent north.

Sandalwood incense for air for the east.

Walking deosil to open the circle:

As I walk our circle I sprinkle sea salted water to not only give us strength within but a barrier in which we can be safe to join our forces and be successful in our work.

Casting Circle:

I cast this circle now one time, so Ancient Ones will hear my rhyme.

I cast this circle now times two, for hidden wonders and secret truths.

I cast this circle three times round, and now declare this sacred ground.

Calling Quarters:

To the east, I call to thee fill my visions and set us free.

Share your strength build it strong that we may succeed in this days throng.

Hail and Welcome!

To the south I turn my gaze, bright the lights and clear the haze.

Strengthen our will keep it sound that we may succeed all around.

Hail and Welcome!

To the West and water I turn to now feeling the spray upon my brow.

Clear our minds and help bend our ways. Stand strong with us and increase our stays that we will succeed in all our days.

Hail and Welcome!

To the North I do now turn, for our mighty Earth will help us learn.

Bring us your will to see things through. Aid in our work and all that we do.

Help us find our dreams and make them come true.

Hail and Welcome.

Calling the Goddess:

Goddess beautiful Goddess true. Join us in honouring the Beltane fires through.

That we may join the throng of love and passion and bring our hearts together as one for the promises of the future have now begun.

Hail and Welcome!

Calling the God:

Great God we ask that you join with us in our Beltane Rite.

We call to our fires our passions and the light.

Stand with us and join us now, we honour you come be with us now.

Hail and Welcome!


Beltane the festival of passion and a celebration of fertility, when the stag races through the woods to join and marry our beautiful Goddess.

We join our hearts with the intent to call a bountiful harvest to come. We honour the Beltane fires not only calling the warmth and brightness of the Sun so desperately needed for the coming seasons, but for these beautiful fires to inspire our own passions – not only in love of one another but our beautiful earth. The animals mate and bring forth their young, our plants, trees and flowers share pollen and strengthen each other that we might continue to live on our beautiful planet.


Gather your ribbons and your wooden sticks. With having a friend to hold the stick or if by yourself set the stick somewhere where you can have it secure and do this yourself. Secure each ribbon with a knot at the top of the wood moving around the diameter of the stick. With each colour as you begin to braid the ribbons think over what you are passionate about: Your sweetheart, your children, your families, your homes, your gardens and your work. Imagine the fires of Beltane rising higher and higher with each thought. You can braid all of the ribbons or do just part of them so that there is a “tail” of free ones. I enjoy re-braiding mine each year and find that small children love to play with them. Honour your lives, what you have accomplished thus far and that which you still intend to do. Set your goals and find ways to reach them. Let the rising flames of Beltane remain in your heart along with your passions.

May this Maypole of Beltane be a constant reminder to us to continue to follow our passions, succeed in our goals and never give up.

Blessed Be!

Releasing the God:

Great God we thank you for your presence, love and passion.

We are grateful for you in our daily lives.

Hail and Farewell!

Releasing the Goddess:

Beautiful Goddess, thank you for joining us this day.

We honour you and strive to carry goodness in our hearts.

Hail and Farewell!

Release the Quarters:

Spirit of the north, of mighty mountains, stag and bear.

We thank you for your presence this day.

Hail and Farewell!

Spirit of the west, water so nourishing and refreshing.

Thank you for your presence this day.

Hail and Farewell!

Spirit of the south, the mighty fire and heat.

Thank you for your presence this day.

ail and Farewell!

Spirit of the east, the breeze that clears the cobwebs from our minds that we may realize our possibilities.

Thank you for your presence this day.

Hail and Farewell!

In closing:

To each and every one of you here this day for our blessed Beltane ritual. Thank you for your love and strength in our work today. May we be ever mindful for all that we have in our lives. May we go forth as the wheel turns and be of help to those in need, share our love and passions and bring forth positive feelings and work for our beautiful planet.

Blessed Be!

Open Circle: Walking widdershins.

I now open this circle. May the work we began this day carry in our hearts and minds through the summer months bringing us great bounty to sustain us through the cold winter months to come. May this circle be open, but never broken.

Blessed Be!

Ritual taken from The Art of Ritual book


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