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Working Magic...PEACE

Working Magic...PEACE

Today the word 'peace' arrived in my conscious mind and it could not have been more welcome not only because it is something that most people strive to have in our daily lives but because of all the turmoil that is happening at the moment across the globe. Usually I pull together different herbs, spices and crystals to use in my magical working but I felt that simplicity was needed for this particular working and although I have made suggestions below I ended up with just a plain white cloth and two white candles, it didn't seem to need anything more. Intent: PEACE

Colour: White Crystals: Larimar

Blue lace agate

Quartz Herbs: Poppy seeds




Incense Blend:





Tea Blend: Lavender

The Magic: I wrote the word 'peace' on a piece of paper and used that as the centre usually I then charge each herb and crystal but I just lit a couple of white candles because I didn't have any other ingredients - I then sat quietly... Stand together in peace ♥


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