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On the nineteenth day of Yule the Goddess gave to me...

On the nineteenth day of Yule the Goddess gave to me... The Sun

Enlightenment and understanding, glory, achieving prominence, vitality, radiant joy and energy, invigoration, health, assurance, confidence. 19th December The sun has got his hat on ...hip hip hip hooray...

The Winter Solstice is a celebration to welcome the Sun back, longer and warmer days are on the way.

With this card we should be dancing, singing and celebrating...where's my cake?

Spell for enlightenment

I have to choose a bright yellow candle for this one but go with what works for you.

You could surround the candle with brightly coloured crystals, whatever you like the look of but go with happy, cheerful colours.

Light the candle and focus on the flame. If you want to sing then you can or play the drum would be brilliant, get some energy raised - dance around the room, clap, jump, celebrate...

Allow the Divine, Deity or the Angels to speak to you and share in the energy that you have raised.

When you are ready allow the candle to burn out safely and treat yourself to a cake or chocolate ;-) The tarot deck used is Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore


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