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Animal Magic: The Crow and The Raven


This is one very powerful animal spirit guide and a clever buggar as well. Crow brings wisdom, knowledge and magic from every dimension and helps us to learn to trust our own intuition.

He is also mindful, not just of our own self but also in judging others actions and words.

Crow is very much an eccentric individual and he encourages that in those he chooses to walk with.

Crow also brings change, creation, spiritual strength and the ability to see into the past and the future.

He is a bit of a cheeky sly one though and deception is not beneath him in fact sometimes he revels in it.

He does teach us to adapt, to look beyond the ordinary and to listen to what is going on around us.


Mindfulness, truth, trust, intuition, integrity, individuality, change, past/present/future, spiritual strength, magic, wisdom, deception and awareness.


A very mystical and magical bird which appears in myths and legends connected with the occult and dark gods and goddesses across the globe.

They were often feared because of their habit of feeding on the corpses of the dead hanging from the gallows (ewwww).

However raven was just doing its bit in the natural cycle of life.

Raven has the power to help you shift consciousness and enter other realms and dimensions; he is also a shape shifter himself.

Keeper of secrets, magic and transformation the raven can help you uncover and work with your inner fears.

He brings lightness to the dark helping to resolve inner conflicts.

Raven will bring changes to your life and put the spark back into your magical and spiritual world.


Introspection, courage, magic, healing, rebirth, secrets and shape shifting,


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