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Book Review: The Modern Witchcraft Book of Natural Magick

The very nice people at Simon and Schuster sent me a book they thought I would like...

The official blurb reads:

Harness the power of nature-based magick, including herbal charms and remedies, cleansing rituals, crystal healing, astrology, and more with this new guide in the popular Modern Witchcraft series—perfect for millennials. Modern-day interest in witchcraft and wicca isn’t surprising—who wouldn’t want to focus their energy into rituals of change and healing in today’s troubled and chaotic times? Right now, many of the most popular types of magick are nature-based. This fun and practical book includes methods to help you connect with the Earth mother and your own natural self. Each chapter focuses on a different type of nature magick, from seed magick to the magick of the sun, of water, of the moon, and more—and every topic includes its own accompanying spells, charms, rituals, and meditations.

And I did review another of Judy's books in the series a while back - Wheel of the Year

Like the other books in this series it is beautifully bound, a hard back designed to look old with lovely artwork on the cover.

Laid out with chapters that include 'realm of seed magick' and 'realm of deep earth' along with sections on working with the natural elements it has some interesting information. She also includes meditations, spells, rituals and correspondences.


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