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The story behind the book: Meditation

Ideas rattle around in my head and this one had been with me for a while and it seemed to slot nicely into the Pagan Portals series, thankfully my publisher Moon Books agreed.

Meditation is a big part of my spiritual practice but sometimes I really struggled with it. The mind monkeys are rampant! I found the different and sometimes conflicting information about how to and what to do, a mine field.

The idea that I had to sit for hours bent like a pretzel was unappealing to say the least, and there is no way my body is that bendy! (You don't have to sit for hours or bend like a pretzel by the way). I needed to find out what worked for me and to keep things straightforward and simple.

This book gives an overview of the different types of meditation available, how to find sacred space, being comfortable doing meditation in your own way, journeying, meditation teas, crystal meditations, breathing exercises and a huge bean bag full of different meditations to work with.

Pagan Portals Meditation was published in December 2015.

Can I get an 'om'?


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