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Animal Magic: The Vulture


So it might not be the most attractive of animal spirit guides but hey who are we to judge?

The vulture has long been held in high regard by many cultures and is often a symbol of protection, destruction and compassion.

But he does a good service; he is part of the cycle of life and nature’s cleanup crew.

Vulture appears quite a lot in the Egyptian myths often as a headdress or his feathers used in rites.

Vulture can teach you how to ‘read’ people and their auras but also how to get noticed for your work – vulture is all about actions rather than words.

He is a very powerful animal to align with and can teach you to utilise your own energy efficiently but also how to connect with the energy of the earth.

His excellent vision will also show you how to see into this world and the next.


Protection, destruction, compassion, service, cycle of life, all seeing, action, energy, earth magic, visions and psychic abilities.


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