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Magical Food: Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Real ice cream, not the frozen yogurt stuff. Although quite a lot of the products sold in the supermarket under the guise of ‘ice cream’ these days don’t even have any cream in them, just lots of fats instead. Proper full fat cream ice cream is totally indulgent and incredibly lush. It brings with it the magic of the moon and huge amounts of feminine energies…grab a spoon…

You can of course add all sorts of different magical energies to ice cream just by adding flavours to it so vanilla ice cream for instance would bring the energy of love with it and mint choc chip ice cream would bring healing, purification, money and love – all rolled up into one scrummy spoonful.

You can make/get savoury ice creams, I have tasted avocado ice cream and tomato…weird is an understatement…

The milk that ice cream is made from brings the magical properties of love and spirituality.

Ice Cream Magical Properties:

Love, spirituality, various depending on what flavours you add

Ruling planet – Moon

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine


Publication 26th June 2015

Food is magical, not just because of the amazing tastes, flavours and aromas but also for the magical properties it holds. The magic starts with the choice of food to use, be added in whilst you are preparing and cooking then the magic unfolds as people enjoy your food. Dishes can be created for specific intents, moon phases, and rituals, to celebrate sabbats or just to bring the magic into your family meal. Many food ingredients can also be used very successfully in magical workings in the form of offerings, medicine pouches, witches bottles and poppets. Let's work magic into your cooking...


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