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Review: In the Cauldron subscription box

I had seen a few adverts around social media for witchcraft/pagan subscription boxes, some themed to the sabbats, others general monthly boxes. I was intrigued, because who doesn't like getting nice witchy presents through the post?

I decided to order a selection to compare and share my findings and thoughts with you. They are all UK based (although most of them do ship worldwide), I did look at USA based subscriptions (and there are some really brilliant looking ones to try) but unfortunately the cost of shipping was almost as much as the box.

I don't like writing bad reviews as such, but for something like this I am just presenting to you all the information, you can make your choice from there. Click the 'reviews' tab on this blog to see all the subscription box reviews.

In the Cauldron subscription box - Deluxe

In the cauldron does monthly subscription boxes and also has an online shop. The subscription boxes are new for In the Cauldron so I was honoured to receive the first one! There are plans to include other fabulous items such as books in the future too...

Deluxe Box - Subscription box price: £35 - this price includes delivery (they also supply an essentials box for £25).


Newsletter magazine with articles and information

2 large candles

1 decent size sodalite crystal

1 decent black tourmaline crystal

Box of mixed colour spell candles (12)

Box of Jasmine Satya incense sticks

Box nag champa cones

Lavender votive candle

50g bag of chamomile flowers

25g lemon balm

Unakite bracelet

Chakra meditation palm stone

Blue tiger's eye tumble stone

Red tiger's eye tumble stone

Tiger's eye tumble stone

Metal tea strainer

Printed Samhain info card

Colour correspondence card

Chamomile info card

3 rune info cards

Overall thoughts:

The items were all nicely packaged, individually wrapped in green tissue paper.

Good to have the tea strainer to be able to use the loose tea.

The spell candles are particularly useful.

The newsletter magazine is well written and presented, with some interesting information.

There wasn't any 'wow' item, but plenty of goodies that a witch regularly uses.

Although not a 'bargain', you probably get the equivalent value of payment with the amount of items.

Very useful for the beginner or someone who is building their collection of working items.

My favourite item from the box: The unakite bracelet and the meditation palm stone.

Note: I was gifted this item to review.


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