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Magical Food - Coffee



A favourite caffeine fuelled brew made from the roasted beans (seeds) of an evergreen shrub from the coffea genus – usually coffea Arabica or coffea canephora.

Now I have to admit I am a bit of a coffee wuss…it has to be a latte and it has to have heap loads of caramel syrup in otherwise I don’t like the taste much but I love the smell of freshly roasted coffee.

Our wake me up, pick me up tonic has been drunk since around 800AD.

Coffee brings the magical (and practical) boost of energy and clarity of thought. Although apparently in Constantinople it was banned at one stage because it made people too clear headed…

It rates as a fire element but I have also added water as an element too because in liquid form a higher percentage of your cup of coffee is water.

If you aren’t into karma or worried about free will…coffee can be used to encourage people to come around to your way of thinking or do what you want them to. Make them a cup of coffee and add sugar to sweeten their mood, as you stir the coffee visualise your desired outcome. In hoodoo bodily fluids are added to cups of coffee for much the same purpose…

African tribes have been known to crush the ripe coffee berries, mix them with animal fat and roll into balls. These would then be served to those going to war providing the warriors with nourishment in the form of the fat and coffee protein and the caffeine high as a stimulant…I suspect it tasted horrible!

Coffee grounds can also be used in divination just as you would read tea leaves.

Coffee also works very well in hex or curse breaking spells.

Add a drop of freshly brewed coffee to your bath water to help clear away illness.

Add coffee beans to your incense blends to create not only a pleasant scent but also to bring protection to your home and dispel negative energy.

I would suggest sticking to coffee beans or freshly ground coffee for magical work rather than instant as it tends to be stronger and have better results.

Coffee Magical Properties:

Energy, clarity, divination

Ruling planet – Mars

Element – Fire, Water

Gender – Feminine

Information from: A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food by Rachel Patterson


Publication 26th June 2015

Food is magical, not just because of the amazing tastes, flavours and aromas but also for the magical properties it holds. The magic starts with the choice of food to use, be added in whilst you are preparing and cooking then the magic unfolds as people enjoy your food. Dishes can be created for specific intents, moon phases, and rituals, to celebrate sabbats or just to bring the magic into your family meal. Many food ingredients can also be used very successfully in magical workings in the form of offerings, medicine pouches, witches bottles and poppets. Let's work magic into your cooking...


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