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A Floral Grimoire

A while ago I was contacted by the publisher, Crossed Crow Books and asked if I would be happy to write a foreward for their re-release of Patricia Telesco's A Floral Grimoire. As I had a very well thumbed copy on my book shelf I was more than honoured to do so.

The re-release in hard back is out now and the paperback will be released in March.

The official blurb:

This charming book makes an excellent companion for those lovely, peaceful walks through the garden. Patricia Telesco has created a delightful grimoire that shows the reader how to create magical charms and spells using the abundance of floral life found to delicately grow in the Witch’s garden or in the wild forests and woodlands. If you’ve been drawn to a style of magic and witchcraft that is much more animistic in nature, then A Floral Grimoire will make an excellent addition to your magical library.

Learn how to make potions and brews, discover floral signs and omens, create your own floral oracle deck, and discover how to work magic with flowers.


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