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A Kitchen Altar & witchy workings in the Kitchen

I think having an altar in your kitchen not only adds to your kitchen witchcraft but gives it a focal point; it doesn’t have to be big. I have a small green man shelf and on top of that I have a tiny vase (it is actually a small candle holder) that I put a fresh flower in regularly. And it has representations of the elements – a shell, a feather, a red crystal and a pebble. The top of the shelf surface is no bigger than the palm of my hand.

But what to put on it?

Just have a goddess statue on a shelf or even just a goddess picture hung on the wall. Your kitchen witchcraft altar is where you honour deity as a kitchen goddess. Maybe choose a particular goddess to have as your kitchen deity, one that is connected to homes and hearth. Or you might just want to keep it general – it is your kitchen, your choice. Or you might even prefer to have a kitchen faerie or a kitchen dragon instead.

You could use candles, these are representations of the element of fire which is very prominent in a kitchen, and it also represents the home and hearth. It could even just be a small tea light. Perhaps light the candle when you begin the food preparation, use it as your way to honour deity, light it and ask them to bless the food you are about to prepare.

Leave an offering on your kitchen altar for each meal you prepare (just remember to leave something not too sticky, and remove it the following day).

Make it yours

Have fun with your altar design, use natural objects, and decorate it for the seasons with an acorn, leaves or flowers. If you have the space you could even go to town on it and decorate it with kitchen items – cutlery, tiny pots or pans from dolls house furniture.

Whatever you end up creating for your altar and however big or small it is, use it as a focal point in your kitchen. Just take a moment before you start to prepare a meal by standing in front of the altar and asking for a blessing.

Witchy Workings in the Kitchen

You can work some magic in the kitchen using the items you have and the produce you use, here are some ideas:

Release pent up emotions – this one has got to be so simple…chop onions. Let the emotions flow as your tears flow from the onions.

Release of anger – chop, chop like you have never chopped before. But please be careful of your fingers. Tenderising meat is good for this too, but be careful not to beat it too much.

Releasing old habits – peel those root vegetables, as you take off the old skin release your old habits, as you see the fresh, clean surface underneath visualise a refreshed you.

Boost your energy – shake it baby. Make a salad dressing in a jar and shake it, dance round the kitchen with it.

Bring peace and calm – make something that requires looking after and stirring such as risotto or custard, feel yourself becoming calmer and more peaceful with each turn of the spoon.

Ground – well this one should be obvious – grab yourself a potato or a parsnip, something that has grown in the soil. Hold onto it and connect with its earth energies.

Bringing things together – to gain balance – try blending or whisking, mixing up batter, something that involves bringing different ingredients together to make a whole.

Kitchen Witchcraft - Add a dash of magic

When you are cooking whether it is baking, stirring, kneading or whatever process it involves make sure to add the magic as you go. Stir deosil (clockwise) to bring in positive energy and widdershins (anti clockwise) to banish. Think about your intent, desires and wishes as you make the dish, add your energy to it, visualise the outcome as you add the ingredients and you can even chant a blessing or a spell as you make it.

Think about how you work in the kitchen and see if you can add a magical spin to it.

Originally published on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 30.1.17


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