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Author Snapshot Interview: Natalia Clarke

I asked a bunch, or should that perhaps be a 'bibliography' of authors...whatever the collective noun for a group of authors is...a few quick snapshot questions.

This week is...NATALIA CLARKE

1. What or who inspires you the most and why?

Nature is my biggest inspiration. I also get inspiration from reading poetry, lyrical writing on the subject of nature, love, spiritual matters and creative life

2. Do you have any set daily spiritual practices?

I am an intuitive witch, therefore, always guided by what is right at any given moment. My practice changes according to how I feel and what comes forward in my awareness. I have an altar, which I attend to most days. I read devotionals and sit with the energies quietly. I go on regular walks in nature, which is a pretty set routine.

3. What is your favourite subject to write about and why?

Nature and its spiritual aspects and influences on daily life. Connection and relationship with the land. Transformation and earth-based spiritual practice

4. Do you have a sacred or spiritual place/area (anywhere in the world) that you feel connected to?

I have a profound connection and a relationship with Scotland – my soul land.

5. Where do you work your magic/practice your faith? Do you have a special room or area set aside?

I have a couple of places in the woodland next to my house where I practice and in the house it is either my altar or a small office room.

6. What book/talk/article of yours are you most proud of and why?

Soul Land – a poetry chapbook. It is a deeply emotional and spiritual project that was born out of my love for Scotland. It was written and produced intuitively and have been the most beautiful creative project so far.

List of books published, so far:

Pagan Portals Intuitive Magic Practice

Soul Land

Nature Therapy Walks


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