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Behind the Scenes: Friday Magic

Back last spring I began a weekly Friday morning chat online. It was a way of connecting with people during the lockdown and it has continued...

Today my husband took a photo of me as I was getting ready to go live and suggested I share a 'behind the scenes' blog post. So here it is.

The talk subject idea usually comes to me a few days before, thankfully! Unless someone sends me a suggestion, which is actually really helpful and I am always open to subject prompts.

Then I do some research, yep I do, I promise I don't totally wing it on the day...

The day before, I print out some notes and get together any supplies such as crystals or herbs to show or spell items to work with.

Fifteen to twenty minutes beforehand I 'powder my nose' and make sure the image is working on the screen, then I am ready to hit 'go live' dead on 9am.

As some of you know I have had all kinds of webcam issues in the past couple of months. I replaced my PC, I now have three supposedly all singing, all dancing web cams, and have direct ethernet cable connection and still there are problems. One webcam cuts out if you move too quickly, another auto focuses so often it makes your head spin and the other just cuts out.

Today I tested using my mobile phone as a camera and whilst the image was very clear, it cut out half way through. Thankfully the connection re-established but it is very frustrating.

More techie tweaks are obviously required...

And then the live session, which is so much fun and has been a fantastic way to connect with so many lovely people across the globe. Dodgy internet connections and unreliable webcams aside, it is the favourite part of my week.


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