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Bewitching Baubles

Get your beautiful bewitching baubles!

The wonderful Bewitched Botanicals have a new creation and they are simply gorgeous.

A handmade bauble just for you,

of folded fabric upcycled or new.

It was not sewn, no thread nor glue,

just lots of pins, there’s quite a few!

All year round, they’re quite a scream,

these baubles made for Halloween,

or TV shows and movie scenes,

Yuletide fun and Pagan themes.

Baubles made with love and cheer,

to decorate throughout the Year!

I am the very proud owner of a Yule bauble and I can tell you, it is beautifully made. Serious amounts of time, patience and effort have gone into the creation. The fabric is very high quality and the overall appearance is stunning.

Halloween and Yule baubles are on the website, but there are plans for more designs and they are happy to take commission orders too. (Note: The website currently says 'out of stock' - don't worry, if you want to bag yourself a bauble just send an email to Jacqui).

If you would like to order a bauble, do email and get your order in.


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