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Buckwheat & Corn Tortillas

Seriously easy to make...

3 1/2 cups (800ml) water 2 eggs 1 cup  (200g) cornmeal 2 cups (250g) buckwheat flour 3 teaspoons salt

Combine all the ingredients in large bowl & whisk well - add more water as needed 1/8 cup at a time (batter should be thin- more like cake batter than muffin batter.)

Heat a large non-stick frying pan or skillet over med-low heat.

Ladle in one scoop of batter like you would pancakes.

Take the backside of a spoon & smooth out the batter to the outer sides to get the tortilla as thin as you can & also even out the shape (this should make it more uniform in size & shape & help increase the size).

Allow to cook until browned - flip & brown the other side - be patient & watch closely.


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