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Changes and Transitions

We all go through changes in our lives. Some we make ourselves and others are forced upon us. It might be changes in your body, such as puberty or menopause, but it could also be just a certain point in your life where you feel the need to change. We all experience huge shifts in our emotions and feelings on occasion. Life is fluid and ever-changing. Over the years, I have learnt that changes are usually necessary.

To help deal with all the emotional issues within this book, you will need to make some changes, break some patterns, and go through some transitions. Know that whilst it will take work on your part and some of it will be difficult, the end result will be totally worth it.

There are some herbs, plants, flowers, and crystals that you can add to your workings to help cause change. Add them into the other exercises, spells, and rituals to help you deal with the transitions that take place. And for any of life’s transitions, you can carry a crystal with you that helps make the journey a smooth one.

Importance of Colour in Magic—Transitions and Changes

If you saw change as a colour, what colour would you see? This will vary from person to person. For any negative emotion or issue that I want to release, I see black as a good colour to work with. White is also good because it is neutral.

For me, it would have to be a gradient, which is something that starts as one colour and transitions to another, or a darker colour that gradually fades. Change could also be something two-toned or shimmery. Remember that changes and transitions are positive, so lean towards strong, happy colours.

Herbs for Transitions and Changes

These are for magical use, NOT consumption.

• Birch

• Carnation

• Cramp bark (guelder rose)

• Holly

• Lavender

• Poppy

• Rose

• Skullcap

• St. John’s wort

• Sweet pea

• Vervain

Foods for Transitions and Changes

These can be used magically and/or eaten.

• Black pepper

• Cinnamon

• Cumin

• Garlic

• Ginger

• Lemon balm

• Plums

Crystals to Work With for Transitions and Changes

Carry crystals with you, use them in magical spells, or meditate with them. Remember to charge the crystal with your intent before use and cleanse it afterwards.

• Amethyst guides you from the old to the new.

• Apache tears bring support to help you through transitions and difficult times.

• Chrysocolla helps you to deal with whatever life throws at you.

• Garnet brings confidence and the ability to switch your survival instincts into action,

helping you to deal with new situations.

• Jet is very grounding and protecting. It works to stabilise your energies.

• Labradorite gives you clarity of thought and direction.

• Malachite is all about balance and endurance.

• Moonstone brings a calming and peaceful energy to help guide you to make the right decisions.

• Rutilated quartz helps to recognise the truth and to understand changes and transitions.

• Tourmaline brings clarity and understanding to accept and work with changes.

• Tree agate brings the power of nature, stability, and the flexibility to weather any storm.

Spell for Transitions and Changes

This candle spell will help put change into motion. This spell encourages you to let go of the past habits, lifestyle, or patterns and move forward with the new. Your mirror is used to reflect this restorative energy back to you.

You will need:

• One black candle for the past

• One white candle for transitions

• One green candle for moving forward

• Matches or a lighter

• A mirror large enough to sit all three candles in front of

Start by placing your mirror in front of you. Put the black candle to your left, the white candle in the centre, and the green candle to the right.

Sit quietly and then light the black candle. This is the old, the past, the part of yourself or your life you want to change. Focus on that for a moment, watching the candle flame as you do. Then say:

I let go of the past

I release it at last

Snuff out the black candle.

Now light the white candle and focus on what changes need to be made to create the new you, your new life, or your new pathway. Sit watching the flame as you visualise. Then say:

These changes I make

This positive move I take

Now take the white candle and light the green candle from it.

Sit quietly and watch the green candle flame as you visualise the new you, your new situation, or your new way of thinking. See it all clearly in your mind’s eye. Then say:

I embrace this new task

I move forward at last

When you are ready, snuff out the white and green candles.

I suggest you repeat this spell for three days in a row. Then leave it set up. You can relight the candles and repeat the chants until the spell has worked.

If you have candle stubs left, they can be buried or thrown in the trash.

To watch a replay of my talk, click the link below

Information taken from Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson


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