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Chocolate courgette/zucchini cake (vegan)

This is lush...and my kids thought it was one of the best chocolate traybakes they had tasted.

And it just happens to be vegan.

110g (1/2 cup) vegetable oil

175g/3/4 cup non-dairy milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

100g/1/2 cup coconut sugar

175g/1 cup plain/all purpose flour

40g/1/4 cup cocoa powder

1 teaspoon baking/bicarbonate soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 large shredded courgette/zucchini

100g/1/2 cup dairy-free chocolate chips

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4.

Lightly grease an 8×8″ or 9×9″ baking dish.

In a bowl, whisk together the oil with the milk and vanilla extract. Add the coconut sugar and stir to combine.

In a separate large bowl, add the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt. Whisk to combine.

Add in the shredded courgette/zucchini and pour in the liquid ingredients. Stir until flour is evenly incorporated then fold in chocolate chips.

Transfer the batter to the greased baking dish and spread to the sides using a spatula.

Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes, or until cooked through.


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