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Come on ladies…let’s clean house…

“Come on ladies…let’s clean house”…a line taken from one of my favourite films, Practical Magic. But let’s not be gender specific…anyone can clean house!

I was asked recently how to clear a house that has a negative feel to it, so here is what I suggest.

Sometimes houses (and any place really) can hang on to negative energy, particularly if the house is left empty a lot. It is essentially a ‘living thing’ that reacts to the energy of those within it. If the house is not occupied all the time or left un-cared for it may well start to feel a bit grumpy. Yes, I am well aware that to some I may sound a bit weird, but trust me on this one. If your house needs mending, painting or even cleaning it can block the flow of good energy and start to get that negative vibe.

Have you ever walked into a house, shop or building of any kind and felt an uneasy feeling? I am not talking spirits that have passed over here (although that could be a part of it) but a negative, cold and unwelcome energy. This can be caused by negative energy from humans that have argued there or it could just be a build up of feeling unloved and uncared for.


I know it is really boring snoring but housework can be a cause of energy blockage. If the house is full of clutter and layers of dust it can grab hold of any negative vibe and intensify it.

If your house has been empty for a while, or you move into a new place, or you just feel that your house needs a good energy cleanse these are some ideas for you to try: Start with the basics and then pick a spiritual cleanse to work with, one or even two or if really necessary, all of them.

  • Do the housework, yawn…

  • Open all the windows to let the fresh air in.

  • Smoke/scent – Light an incense of your choice, it can be loose, stick or cone or even an oil burner. Alternatively use a bundle of dried herbs. Scented candles can also be used for this. Start at the back of the house and work to the front, upstairs and then down. Go into each room and waft the incense smoke around the room, making sure to get it into the corners, work anti clockwise. You could even say a chant or a blessing as you go. It can be really simple, something like “I cleanse this house, clear out the negative energy and bring in the positive blessings to our home”. Yes, I know my poetry is rubbish. Once you have done every room open the back door to let out the negative energy and then open the front door to let the positive in.

  • Salt/salt water – You can work the same room to room exercise but using either plain salt, a little sprinkled into the corner of each room. Or use water with a little salt added, flick the salt water into the corner of each room.

  • Sweeping – using a broom you can sweep, either in reality (where the broom bristles actually hit the floor) or if you have carpet or precious flooring you can sweep symbolically (with the broom just above the floor). Sweep all the negative energy right out of the door.

  • Wash – create your own wash using warm water with a few drops of essential oil in. Or drop a herbal tea bag into a bucket of warm water. Wash your floors (the washable ones anyway, don’t make your carpets soggy), wipe down door frames, doors, window sills and any wipeable surfaces with the wash. Say your little chant as you go.

  • Spray – make a room spray using distilled water (water boiled in a kettle and cooled) with a few drops of essential oil in. Spray around each room.

  • Sound – use a singing bowl, drum or chimes and go around each room tinging and beating, use the waves of sound to clear out negative energy and bring a positive vibe in. if you don’t have a musical instrument or bowl to hand, beat a biscuit tin with a wooden spoon.

  • Draw pentacles in the air over all window and door frames. Draw the image anti clock wise to banish and bring in protection. If you work with runes you could draw images in the air of banishing and/or protective runes instead.

And once it is all clear

  • Place crystals in key rooms in the house to bring positive and happy energy in.

  • Hang bunches of dried herbs over doorways to keep out negative energy and bring positive in.

  • Make up a couple of witch bottles or witch ladders to place in the most used rooms in your house to soak up any bad energy.

  • Sprinkle your boundary with salt or a black pepper/chilli pepper/salt blend for protection.

  • Light scented candles or incense blends regularly.

What herbs or incense blends you choose to use is entirely up to you, there are some more traditional cleansing herbs/scents such as sage, mugwort, mint and rosemary but go with what seems right for you.

How do you cleanse your house?

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 2.10.18


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