Crystal Magic - Blue Lace Agate

Agate (blue lace)

A very pretty pale blue agate stone with white bands and lines. Blue lace agate is most definitely a stone of communication. It has a very long history of use dating back through many civilisations.

Agate (Blue lace) magical properties

Mediation, spirituality, uplifting, calming, peace, communication, emotions, support, optimism, happiness, protection, cleansing, healing, prosperity, longevity, strength, courage, clarity, success, patience, truth, stress, relaxation, creativity, justice, travel, renewal, understanding, soothing, trust

Energy Receptive

Element Water

Planet Mercury

Zodiac Gemini

Place blue lace agate in the east of your home to bring in good health, the south east for abundance and the south west for luck and love, heck just put a bit in every corner!

Suggested cleansing

Rinse in water and dry with a soft cloth or use visualisation or incense smoke. Charge under the moonlight.

Taken from:

Kitchen Witchcraft: Crystal Magic by Rachel Patterson


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