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Crystal Magic: Malachite


A breath-taking green stone usually with green bands and green rings running through/around it (basically green with more green). The green is caused by copper. This one is ancient and the history of it being used goes back thousands of years. Worn by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks for various magical uses such as protective talismans, on headdresses and used for healing. It has even been used to decorate the inside of grand houses. The name derives from the Greek word ‘malakos’ which translates as ‘soft’. Although personally I think it needs a name that translates to mean ‘green’… It is said that malachite can warn of danger by breaking into pieces.

Malachite magical properties

Changes, transformation, clarity, emotions, protection, support, healing, peace, travel, fears, growth, creativity, renewal, energy, wealth, money, opportunity, abundance, new beginnings, finances, success, business, focus, strength, wisdom, releasing, prosperity, breaking barriers, psychic abilities, manifestation, soothing, stress, love, power

Energy Receptive

Element Earth

Planet Venus

Zodiac Capricorn, Scorpio

Tell a piece of malachite all about your fears and worries then take the malachite and place it outside overnight to allow it to remove your concerns.

Place a piece of malachite on the dining room table to increase appetites and help fussy eaters.

For prosperity pop a piece of malachite in the south east or east of your house.

To increase the energy flow in your office or home place a piece of malachite in the blocked area.

Keep a piece of malachite next to your computer or any electric appliances to protect you from any harmful energy.

Use malachite to draw out any bad habits or break destructive patterns.

Malachite is a stone of magic and will give an extra oomph of power and energy to most magical workings including rituals and divination.

Suggested cleaning

Be careful with malachite, it can be easily damaged. Don’t expose it to extreme or sudden changes in temperature. Cleanse amongst other quartz crystals or place in the soil.

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