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Dear Diary: Busy doing nothing, books and jumpers

It has been a busy few weeks but nothing much has happened if that makes sense.

But my festive decorations are up. For many years we went totally overboard with at least two sometimes three huge trees and decorations absolutely everywhere. This year we have scaled it back, in part because after the renovation the house layout is different and there isn’t so much space for trees and the like. But we still have two trees and the fireplace is decorated. The living room is also bedecked with sparkly lights. It feels festive.

The manuscript for the first of my oracle decks with Animal Dreaming Publishing has all been edited and given the go ahead, which is exciting.

My latest book with Moon Books was published last week, The Element of Water, which is now available for purchase in all the usual stores, it is part of my Kitchen Witchcraft series and joins the Element of Earth and the Element of Fire.

As we are talking about books, my next book with Llewellyn, Practical Candle Magic will be released in the USA in December and January in the UK. I will be hosting an online book launch on Saturday 30th December at 7pm UK time with a talk about candle magic and a book giveaway.

I do have a love of festive jumpers and Pete added to my collection this year with some Scandinavian pieces but also a Pagan themed top with the most amazing Horned God image. I would love to get hold of a print to frame and put on the wall but we can’t see to trace the artist. If anyone knows, do please get in contact with me.

I have a cupboard that holds all my witchy items, altar pieces, herbs, candles and all the other bits and bobs. It has felt a little neglected of late. Where I have been so busy I haven’t had time to potter about with all the magic.

The hectic energy of December has reminded me of its existence, and I am looking forward to getting back into creating and working with all the items therein. But it will have to wait until January!

My book writing has been non existent in the past few weeks, the poor Hedge Witch book for Fenix Flames has been sitting patiently, 20k words in for some time. However, I have a cunning plan…I am trying to keep January as free of events, appointments and other inconveniences so that I can really knuckle down and dedicate time to writing. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

I have consumed a huge amount of mince pies, a few Christmas cakes and one or two Christmas puddings along with an obscene amount of panettone. All of these include the delicious spices I associate with this time of the year. This week I also ate my first turkey roast dinner from our very favourite local café and yes it included Brussels sprouts which are yummy!

The big news was the announcement that I have been asked to host the new podcast, The Pagan Portal Podcast, produced by Moon Books Publishing. We have spent the last couple of months in meetings and getting set up and it has all been incredibly exciting. The first episode will land on the Moon Books Publishing YouTube channel and on the usual podcast platforms such as Spotify on 5th January 2024.

I told you it had been busy but with not much happening!

This time of year can be overwhelming, remember to take some time out and just be in the moment. Soak up the positive buzzy energy that December brings.


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