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House cleansing and blessing spell

House cleansing and blessing spell

What you will need:

Vacuum cleaner or broom

1 teaspoon dried basil (to bring in the money)

1 teaspoon dried mint (for abundance)

10 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda

Pop the bicarbonate of soda into a dish.

Hold the dried basil in your left hand and visualise cleansing and clearing of negative energy from your home to allow new money sources to come in then drop it into the bicarbonate of soda.

Next hold the dried mint in your right hand and visualise positive and abundant energy filling every room in your house.

Drop the mint into the bicarbonate of soda and mix together.

Starting at the top of your home, sprinkle a small amount of the mixture on your floors in each room, working your way down and through each room in your house.

As you go you might like to chant:

Basil to clear away the old and make way for the new

Stagnant energy is released for money to arrive that’s due

Add in magical mint to the stash

Abundant and positive energy along with the cash

Leave the mixture on the floors overnight if possible, but for at least an hour, then vacuum the carpets or sweep the floors to clear up.

You might like to repeat the chant as you vacuum.

Spell taken from Kitchen Witchcraft: The Element of Earth by Rachel Patterson


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