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How did I find Paganism?

Originally posted on Patheos Pagan in 2017

The question posed was ‘how did you find paganism’?

Well I guess to be honest it found me…and it was witchcraft in particular.

Being born on Samhain – yep honestly my date of birth is 31st October, I grew up with a little bit of a witchy vibe.

Family and friends would actually buy me little witch things for my birthday as a bit of a Halloween joke. Although as I grew up Halloween in the UK wasn’t what it is now, there was no trick or treating or even decorating and pumpkins where I lived.

As a child…

As a child, I was always fascinated by mystical creatures, dragons in particular and looking through my keepsake box from my childhood and teens I find moon charm bracelets and wizard and faery images.

My father always had an allotment and grew all his plants organically (way before it was trendy to) and taught us about birds, nature and wildlife.

We used to go on family outings to sacred sites such as Stonehenge…before they put the fence up – we would sit on the stones and have a picnic!

My father isn’t pagan as such, just very organic and interested in nature, gardening and the history and roots of England.

And then…the best 50p ever

Wandering through a charity (thrift) shop one day I came across a book about the history of witchcraft, written by an historian, I was prompted to purchase it. I read that book cover to cover the same day and had the feeling that I had ‘come home’. Although it was just the history of the Craft rather than the workings and beliefs, it made so much sense to me. That was definitely 50p well spent.


From that point I started to research and this was in the days when internet was in its infancy so most of my information was from books I purchased although even that choice was fairly sparse.

I had a huge long shopping list of items I believed I needed (and now realise that I didn’t and don’t) I gradually built up my store cupboard of coloured candles, altar cloths, bells, chalice, athame and all kinds of paraphernalia. Most of which I have never used…


Eventually I found an online course in Wicca and completed the first degree. But it didn’t really challenge me so I continued looking and found another Wiccan online course. This time I spent several years working through my first and second degree and most of my third. But by that point I was spreading my wings and had found an offline group to work with. I completed my third degree with the group and was honoured to receive my High Priestess title.


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