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How to make an author happy...

How do you make an author happy? This also works for any creator/artist/designer. There are a few easy ways...

Buy their book. I know this one might seem obvious. If the book is new and not released yet, pre-order - it makes a really big difference. Royalties to authors are not huge (unless you are in the realms of Rowling) so every single book purchase really does count. It is not even about the money (if it was, we would do something completely different), every book sale makes an author's heart sing, because it means someone is interested in what we do.

Write a review. Even if you read the book years ago, reviews count. Post a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Amazon in particular keep a count of reviews. Once a book receives 50 reviews it gets some free advertising and promotion via Amazon, which is priceless. It is all about the algorithms, the more reviews, the more it gets seen, the more people buy it. I cannot stress this one enough, reviews really do make such a huge difference.

Borrow it. If you don't have the spare cash to buy the book, ask your local library if they have it or can get it for you. Libraries are amazing places and need our support too.

Talk about it. Share a photo of your new purchase (or library borrow) on social media. Tag the author in your posts, it makes us ridiculously happy. Share the website link to the author too, it really helps.

Tell the author. Message the author and tell them you liked the book and what you liked about it. Give them permission to share your comments if you would like to as well.

Snapshot it. If you see a book by one of your favourite authors in a book store, take a photo, share it on social media and tag the author. Seeing our books out there in brick and mortar books stores is a total boost.

Blog it. If you write a personal blog and you loved a book, please do consider posting a blog review about the book.

Pod it. If you host a podcast or radio show, reach out to your favourite author and invite them to have a chat. We love talking!

Last but not least, enjoy! Authors write books so that people can enjoy reading them, or learn something, or make a difference.

And we are truly grateful for your support in any form ♥


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