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I lost my spiritual power...

Six months ago now, back at the end of September in preparation for a big house renovation I had to pack up all my altars. Along with my Witchcraft books, magical tools, magical herbs and crystals everything had to be put into boxes and away for storage.

For the first couple of months I coped quite well with the chaos and upheaval. By the end of December I was starting to struggle. Not anyone's fault, the building crew were fabulous. However, working from the bedroom for six months, having no working kitchen for three months and everything upside down was taking its toll.

What I wasn't prepared for was the loss of spiritual connection.

I don't use a lot of magical tools as such, but I do work with my altars, herbs, candles and crystals on a daily basis. Not having those things at first didn't seem to be a problem, but eventually it added to my loss of spiritual power.

This past weekend has been a turning point, for two reasons:

On Saturday I was honoured to be a part of the Wild Witchcraft Conference. The headline speaker was the wonderful Damh the Bard. Right from the first few sentences he uttered, he nailed it. He was describing his initial reaction to the pandemic. It was as if he had climbed inside my mind and read my thoughts - something I really don't advise anyone doing, at least not without a babel fish and a folded towel.

He went on to talk about how he resolved it, providing a very simple solution and something I hadn't really thought about, because I was so disconnected. We have the skill set and the power to reconnect ourselves, purely with Mother Nature. A big thank you to Dave for his words, they weren't a life saver , because that's a bit dramatic but they pulled me out of the void.

The second boost to my 'return' happened the following day at a very unlikely event. We were gifted tickets to see the War of the World's stage show which was utterly fantastic. Towards the end I was hit with a huge wave of emotion. The words and the whole meaning behind the H G Wells story were so poignant and even though it was written well over a hundred years ago it was bang on the mark with events in the world today. What really struck me was the importance of remembering people such as H G Wells. He was one of the founders of science fiction, and we made that point to our teenage son whom we had dragged along with us (a bit of education!) The whole evening had, for me, points of importance. The story line was important, no matter what century you are in. The War of the Worlds album has not only survived for decades but is still going strong, there is a reason for that - the music is superb. The live band and the orchestra along with the singers - all incredibly talented people. Just being at a live stage show was important, something that with today's online technology is something we shouldn't lose. You could feel the music in your chest as soon as the first few notes were played. Jeff Wayne - a total legend! It was the importance of all of these things that made me so emotional - we shouldn't lose the connection with our history and the people that have created it for us.

I think the key from both of these experiences is 'connection'. And I had lost that, not just my spiritual connection but my connection to people and the outside world. A side effect from the pandemic perhaps?

I have been at incredibly low points over the past few months, thankfully I have the world's best husband and we have supported each other. But the loss of a spiritual connection really made me feel empty.

This week the flooring is going in to complete our renovation and we will be able to move everything back into place at the end of the week, which will help.

The journey back to my spiritual power will take a bit longer, but I do now feel less adrift and more focused with a plan. Connection is the key.

I also came to the realisation that I don't 'need' any of these material things to make that connection happen. I also realised that I had perhaps used the lack of them as an excuse to drift away.

There are of course many boxes of spiritual goodies to unpack, I do wonder how I will feel about them as the sorting out happens. I suspect there will be a change in how I work on a daily basis, but we shall see.


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