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Inside the Witchcraft Cupboard: Granny Weatherwax

Over the past few months I have been weeding out my witchy clutter. Years and years of ornaments, tools and bric a brac that I had collected to use for magical purpose and/or on my altar.

I am continuing to sort through it all for a project (details will be revealed later) but in the meantime I thought I would blog about some of the more interesting pieces.

Starting with one of my most cherished items. This is a figurine depicting my heroine, Granny Weatherwax from the Terry Pratchett Discworld series of books.

I was gifted this figure back in the early 90's by my grandmother. She didn't know it was a Discworld figure at the time, she bought it for my birthday because it was a witch.

It was the start of a large collection of Discworld figures. These were produced by a small company called Clarecraft, the first figures came out in 1991. Over a number of years I amassed a small collection. Then we decided we had too much clutter and had a clear out, I sold all my figurines, but kept the Esme Weatherwax one.

This particular figure was the 6th figure in the series and was produced between 1992 and 2001, mine was one of the first run.

She represents being a Witch to me, Terry Pratchett managed to capture the essence of witchcraft, particularly with Esme Weatherwax.

Sadly Clarecraft didn't run for ever, however the Cunning Artifactor, Bernard went on to open the Discworld Emporium which although not open to the public now, still runs online.


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