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Inside the Witchcraft Cupboard: Wizard

Over the past few months I have been weeding out my witchy clutter. Years and years of ornaments, tools and bric a brac that I had collected to use for magical purpose and/or on my altar.

I am continuing to sort through it all for a project (details will be revealed later) but in the meantime I thought I would blog about some of the more interesting pieces.

This piece is obviously a ceramic wizard.

I have had this piece for so many years I don't actually remember when I purchased him, although I suspect it was more than thirty five years back.

My memory is hazy but I have an idea he came from Cornwall.

There is something quite captivating about him and he has a definite wicked glint to his face along with his most splendiforous hat!

He doesn't stand on my altar but is always floating about on a shelf in my study.


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