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It started with a tea cup...

Energy is in stones, pebbles, shells, plants and all natural things. I have talked about lots of these items before and connecting with their energy.

What about everything else?

Last week I received a gift in the post from a very lovely lady. It was a fabulous botanical tea cup. I am not sure what I will do with it yet, I believe it will end up on my altar as an offering dish or something similar.

But it got me to thinking…

It began when we were looking for a unit to stand our TV on, nothing in the stores or online looked quite right so we headed to a charity furniture store as a last resort.

What we struck was a gold mine! Beautiful pieces of furniture discarded or long forgotten. Each piece with its very own story and wonderfully fascinating histories, all you need do is listen to them. Let’s not forget the bargain prices for solid, beautifully built pieces too. These items will probably outlive us!

We found an amazing sideboard for our TV, I am no expert but I think it is Victorian. Solid wood with gorgeous twisted legs and intricate detailing. It is perfect for our needs and looks fabulous.

That was the beginning…

Each time we have needed a new piece of furniture we have avoided the shops for new items and headed for the charity stores.

It has spread to crockery, dishes and planters.

The important issue here for us aside from the fantastic look and durability of the pieces is the recycling aspect.

An added bonus came with the magic. Each piece has a history and by tuning into the energy you can get the story.

Whether it is a plate, cup or wardrobe each piece carries the energy from previous owners. It is a fascinating journey to delve into.

It also provides some interesting pieces to use within the house but you can also find lots of fabulous items to use for magic. Altar items and magical tools in particular.

Jewellery also carries this energy. Many years ago I had a tarot reading, the reader asked to hold a piece of jewellery of mine to help connect for the reading. The only items I had on at the time were my wedding ring and engagement ring, so I handed her my engagement ring. She held it throughout the reading. A lot of which made sense but there were some quite strange and glaringly inaccurate pieces. It wasn’t until some time afterwards that I realised what may have happened. My engagement ring is second hand. We purchased it from a little shop in the lanes in Brighton. No idea how old it is exactly but the design is very Art Deco. I wonder if the reader was picking up on the energy of the previous owner as well as my own.

Another anecdote is to check the drawers on pieces of furniture that you buy second hand. My dad used to visit auctions regularly and often came home with wonderful items of furniture. On one occasion he found me a gorgeous dressing table. Dark wood with a huge oval mirror, the wood all inlaid beautifully. When he was cleaning it up he discovered a secret drawer which contained; a solid silver bangle (I still wear it now), an old metal pencil sharpener in a personalised leather case and…a pair of false teeth.

I have a couple of pieces of jewellery from my grand mother and an RAF cap badge from my great uncle, these items obviously carry their energy and can be used for ancestor work.

Bear in mind that on occasion you may come across items that don’t have a particularly good energy. A friend of mine once asked me if I could have a look at a necklace she had been given. She wasn’t spiritual or magical but knew that I was ‘into that kind of thing’. The necklace just made her feel cold and uncomfortable and she had never wanted to wear it. True enough it had a very unpleasant energy. I cleansed it with smoke and left it to sit on a huge crystal cluster for a few days. Afterwards it felt much better.

This of course in part covers psychometry - The art of reading a history, experiences and the past life from an object.

This can be done with items you hold in your hand such as a piece of jewellery, crockery, furniture or can even be done when visiting old houses or ancient buildings.

Touch makes the connection, although it is possible to pick up the energy without doing so if you are experienced.

Close your eyes and allow the images to come to you from the item. See the history and experiences as a series of images in your mind. See who owned the item or lived in the property. If it is a very personal item such as a pendant or ring you can also sometimes pick up on the personality of the owner and even names.

If you are in an ancient building if you tune into the energies you can sometimes also see shadowy glimpses of the occupants with your eyes open.

Important: Please don't try this until you are proficient in psychic shielding. Remember that you are always in control.


To watch a replay of my chat on this subject, click the link below


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