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Join me for Witchcon 2023

I am extremely pleased to be presenting again at Witchcon 2023 online.

The official blurb:

March 4 to 5, 2023, Brian Cain, Christian Day and the HEX Education Network present WitchCon Online, featuring classes by nearly 100 Witches and Conjurers from across the globe ready to share their time-honored wisdom and witchery with beginners and advanced practitioners alike!

WitchCon Online presenters are the preeminent masters of the magical arts and hail from across a rainbow spectrum of occult and spiritual practices.

Registration is limited to 1,000 attendees and includes all live video classes, rituals, and performances, as well as access to recordings of every class after the event has ended via our on-demand library so you won't miss a single magical moment!

Attendees and fans will love live shopping in our Virtual Vendorium, featuring powerful ritual tools, signed books, exquisite jewelry, and handmade spellcrafts!

Our Virtual Meet and Greet lets attendees and fans alike meet and chat with presenters live on Zoom and is a great way to get to know your favorite teachers!

WitchCon Online is livestreamed on the Hex Education Network on Crowdcast, a web-based platform with no need to download an app!

For more details see the website

My talk will be streamed live at 4.30pm on Saturday 4th March 2023, the subject is Household Magic.


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