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Join me in the world of Nature Spirits

Delighted to have been invited to run a three hour online workshop for the College of Psychic Studies, all about Nature Spirits.

As the veil begins to thin, Rachel Patterson will guide you into the magical world of nature spirits, dryads, plant devas and tree spirits.

Join us in this online workshop to venture between the worlds and meet the nature spirits. Nature spirits, or elves, as they are sometimes called, can bring us a strong connection with the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.

Connection with these incredible beings can help with healing, inspiration and insight.

Join Rachel for a fascinating livestream workshop to wander with the Otherworld spirits of nature through meditation, folklore and myth.

Previous participants say:

"Rachel made everyone feel warm and welcome, bringing with her a joyful, happy, exhilarating energy where one felt free to ask questions and express themselves."

"An amazing highly sophisticated presenter/ teacher providing a wealth of topics in such a short space of time."

"Very informative class and Rachel is very kind and a good facilitator."


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