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Live Session: Talk by Mabh Savage

As part of the Moon Books Live Sessions over the past few weeks we had the pleasure of listening to the author Mabh Savage on Environmentally Kind Paganism.

Catch a replay of the chat below:

From the Moon Books website:

Mabh Savage is a Yorkshire Witch, practicing a nature based craft influenced and inspired by her Celtic Heritage. Growing up with Wiccan Parents and tales of Tír na nÓg and the Tuatha de Danaan, she was drawn to Paganism herself and now writes about her experiences with Celtic deities, witchcraft and finding a connection to your ancestors. She is a trainee Bard with BDO and a passionate poet, regularly performing across the North of England. Her inspirations are her young son, her inspiring and brave partner and the incredible wealth of nature in her home county of Yorkshire.

Catch future live sessions over on the

Moon Books facebook page


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