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Live Session: Talk by Robin Corak

As part of the Moon Books Live Sessions over the past few weeks we had the pleasure of listening to the author Robin Corak on the goddess Persephone.

Catch a replay of the chat below:

From the Moon Books website:

Robin Herne is a storyteller, poet, artist, dog-owner and Druid. He has written numerous articles for Pagan magazines (such as Pagan Dawn, Many Gods-Many Voices, & Dragonswood), Interfaith books (‘Pagan Pieces’), and had poems included in the work of other authors (Galina Krasskova’s ‘Full Fathom Five’). He has also contributed crime fiction to anthologies, appeared in television documentaries, and is a regular broadcaster with BBC Radio Suffolk. He regularly speaks at Interfaith seminars, Pagan conventions, and other events as both a lecturer and a storyteller. He currently lives in Suffolk, England and is a founder member of both the Druid group Clan Ogma and the Ipswich Pagan Council. He is also proud to be the first winner of the title Chief Bard of the Fens!

Catch future live sessions over on the

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