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Magical Herb: Rue

This past winter was a wet one and I lost quite a few of my herbs. I decided this year to replace them with some that I haven't grown before.

Rue is a herb I am familiar with in magical workings, so it will be interesting to watch it grow and develop in my own garden.


(Ruta graveolens)

Rue is a hardy evergreen shrub with woody stems and yellow flowers during the summer.

Keep rue indoors to create sacred space and burn as incense for protection, purification and balance.

Hang rue above your doorway to ease anxiety and help bring about clarity.

Use in healing and health workings and is an incredibly powerful herb to use for protection.

Add rue to your bath to break curses and hexes.

During the Middle Ages it was most definitely considered the herb of witches.

According to my research witches apparently do not like the smell of rue; neither do plague bearing rats…well that’s always good to know…

It is one of the herbs that seem a little confused; it was used by wise women (and men) in a lot of potions but another herb that was used in the fight to ward against witches.

Rue Magical Properties:

Protection, health, healing, purification, balance, clarity, anxiety, hex breaking

Ruling planet – Mars, Sun

Sign - Leo

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine

Taken from A Kitchen Witch's world of Magical Plants & Herbs by Rachel Patterson


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