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Magical Self Care: Everyday Ritual for Panic Attacks

This is a little ritual to help if you feel a panic attack coming on. I like to think of it as the “Let’s Get Physical” ritual. Don’t worry—it doesn’t involve any running!

The space between your index finger and thumb on your left hand is an acupressure point that, when pinched, helps to calm your nerves.

Place your thumb on top of your hand and your first finger underneath your hand.

Pinch to relieve panic.

Next, tap your chest.

Hold three fingers together and try tapping gently in the centre of your chest, just under your breastbone.

Tap for a few seconds to help calm you down.

Finally, do some stretching.

Stand with your feet slightly apart and make sure your knees are bent slightly.

Stretch your arms up above your head and breathe in deeply, then bring your arms back down, shaking them to release any stress.

Repeat this exercise as needed.


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