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Music in Magic

Music has the ability to raise our energy, to bring up memories and emotions and affect our state of mind. It is a powerful medium to work with on a regular basis, but also to add in to our magic.

If you are in a relationship you may well have a song that you refer to as ‘our song’. My husband and I had ‘All the time in the world’ played at our wedding, so that is our song. Although we have a particular soft spot for Def Leppard, when wooing me, he left a mixed tape (ah…just pause for a brief moment to remember the mixed tape) in my car (it was a soft top jeep, he didn’t break in) in my cassette deck.

Music can change your state of mind too. A bit of classical music can be very relaxing. If I am feeling low and need a boost then I am rescued by my 80s pop play list. To be fair 80s pop is my go to playlist nearly all the time! But it does boost my spirit and soul. All I need is a bit of Jimmy Somerville or Yazz and I am up and ready, good to go.

Specific songs may also remind you of certain people, places or times. And those songs can be used in magic if you are working a spell on behalf of someone else you could play the song that reminds you of them.

Playing up beat music can be used in ritual to raise energy, it can be a Pagan band/singer and there are plenty of wonderful talents to choose from.

Or it could be that you play a particular song when you are casting the circle or calling in the elements. What about playing a specific song when you are working magic? Tying in the theme and/or words of the song to the intent that you are working with.

We are probably all used to listening to music in some form when doing a meditation. It might be plinky plonky relaxing music or it would be a beautiful lilting Celtic ballad. I have even been known to meditation to a Journey track from time to time. Music sets the scene.

When I am crafting, making poppets, witch bottles or working with salt dough for an altar creation I like to listen to ‘witchy’ music. My go to is usually Kellianna or Spriggan Mist. But there are plenty of others and on occasion I have also played the Practical Magic film sound track, which also includes the wonderful Stevie Nicks of course. The song lyrics help to put me in the right frame of mind and lose myself in the magic.

Music also works well in ritual. You can play something mystical or magical or be a rebel and throw on some heavy metal. For me, casting a circle, calling the quarters and raising the energy needs an upbeat, fast paced tune. Again, it helps to add to the power of the task.

Pagan bands and singers also have a complete catalogue of songs that are tied into particular deities or sabbats and you could use one of those to correspond to the theme of your ritual. Play the music as you work the ritual.

I like to sing (badly) or play a tune when I am working a spell. If you sing, then it doesn’t need to be the whole song, it could just be the chorus repeated as you would a chant. But, it lends another layer of power to the magic if you tie in the song with the intent of the spell. Prosperity magic could be worked to the sounds of ‘money, money, money’ or ‘hey big spender’. Love spells will always benefit from a Barry White song! Protection spells open up a whole host of possibilities within the heavy metal and rock genre. ACDC and Metallica are personal favourites.

Whatever way you work with it music has power.


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