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Renovation: The beginning

It is 8.00am on Monday 4th October 2021 and the builders have arrived.

The past few weeks have involved packing everything into boxes and moving items upstairs out of the way. At the weekend we moved our office from downstairs into our bedroom.

We will be living and working from upstairs for the foreseeable future. It is cozy...

However, we wanted to give the builders room to work and make their life as easy and practical as possible.

The first thing the main boss man did was greet Eric (the dog) - what a superstar!

Eric is very pleased as he gets to be upstairs, which he normally doesn't (he can get up the stairs, but can't get down them). Currently he is laying on the bed, which he isn't normally allowed to do. So far he has barked at every single noise from downstairs, but we are hoping he will settle down.

We are working as usual on our computers and the builders are beavering away downstairs.

The sun is shining and all is good.

Our house is 101 years old and we have lived here for 26 years and although we have decorated a few times we have never taken on anything on this kind of scale.

To be honest, we have never had the money! However, we have been blessed with some inheritance and the opportunity to change the house to suit our current lifestyle. Something we never thought we would ever have the funds to do. Apparently there is also a shopping list that includes a new set of cymbals...

Big thanks to who have been amazing.

And so it begins...

If you would like to see the current 'empty' rooms, click on the link below to watch the short video:


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