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Renovations: Week Three

Week three of the house renovations is done.

Our site manager Neil and his team continue to be total superstars.

This week has involved a LOT of rubbish, soil and rubble removal - many, many trips for the lads from the back of the house, through the hallway and out to the waiting lorry at the front. I think they have worked off a lot of calories this week!

Neil and the crew also worked with concrete for the foundations.

This weekend we also had a visit from a bricklaying crew who laid the first part of the brickwork for the extension.

Week 4 began today with the kitchen chimney breast being removed, from upstairs we can hear loud bangs and smashes...followed by sliding bricks. We keep expecting to hear a shout or cry, but thankfully no one has been buried under rubble yet.

For those of you that have expressed concern about our garden, never fear! Before building work started we moved all the plants back as far as we could to give the crew plenty of work space. The only thing we have lost is the lawn and that is being replaced anyway. They are being super careful, bless 'em.


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