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Review: A Spell in the Forest: Tongues in Trees by Roselle Angwin


Trees occupy a place of enormous significance, not only in our planet’s web of life but also in our psyche. A Spell in the Forest - Tongues in Trees is part love-song, part poetic guidebook, and part exploration of thirteen native sacred British tree species. Tongues in Trees is a multi-layered contribution to the current awareness of the importance and significance of trees and the resurgence of interest in their place on our planet and in our hearts.

There is so much information in this book! For any of us that love trees, and let's face it, I haven't met anyone that doesn't. The book is divided into three sections. Park one is a personal journey from the author with botanical, cultural and mythological symbolism. Park two covers the 13 sacred Celtic trees and looks at them in detail. The final part is full of inspiration and practical prompts to work with.

Definitely a 'go to' book for anyone that wants to work with the Magic of Trees.


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