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Review: Candy's Cupcakes

You may have realised that I have a strong relationship with cake...

Much as I love baking I decided this festive season I would order baked goodies from independent online bakeries. It saved me time and gave me the opportunity to do some research (and by that I mean eat lots of scrummy things).

I stumbled upon Candy's Cupcakes who offer cupcakes obviously, but also celebration cakes, cake-in-a-box (it fits through your letterbox), treat boxes, choc-in-a-box and cake-in-a-jar.

I decided upon the cake-in-a-jar.

Each jar contains the equivalent of two cupcakes complete with frosting and they come in six different flavours.

With there being five of us to feed I went for:

Double chocolate

Zesty lemon

Sticky toffee

Carrot cake

and red velvet

I pre-ordered and gave a preferred delivery date and they arrived safely and on time.

We were all very impressed. The jars are plastic but can be washed and re-used. They are also a very decent size and we found that we kept them over a few days and dipped in and out. (They keep fresh for up to a week).

The sponges were all deliciously soft and the buttercream was lovely. Each one had a good flavour too.

I have to say we were all impressed and I would definitely order again.

A big thumbs up to Candy's Cupcakes!


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