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Review: Eco friendly deoderant

In my on going bid to reduce the amount of plastic and rubbish waste from our household I have been researching eco friendly deoderant.

I have been pleasantly surprised...

Now apart from the fact that a lot of them look like Pritt sticks (a solid glue stick we used to use when I was a child), they are in fact very impressive.

Organic Essence - comes in cardboard packaging. You squeeze the bottom like a tube of toothpaste and the solid deoderant bar pushes out of the top. Smells nice, goes on well as long as it isn't cold. If the deoderant is a little warm it glides on better. Did seem to take a little while to 'dry' and was a little sticky when first applied. Lasted well.

The Solid Bar Company - comes in solid card tube packaging. You push up from the bottom of the tube and the solid bar comes out of the top. Went on well and didn't feel sticky. Worked well, in fact I still got wafts of the lovely scent at the end of the day. This was probably my favourite one so far.

Ku.tis - comes in solid card tube packaging. Smells nice. Went on well, but you need it to be a little warm to glide on properly. Lasted well.

Fat and the Moon - excellent company name! This came in a small round metal tin so it was a little difficult to apply using your fingertips. The deoderant is solid and it was difficult to get enough out of the tin to apply. Lasted well. Probably my least favourite of the lot.

Pure Chimp - smells of bananas! Not sure that is a good thing for deoderant though? It was however very easy to apply. Comes in a glass jar and you just scoop out a pea size amount and rub it between your fingers and apply, very easy. Probably the easiest to apply out of all of them. Lasted well. This was my favourite to apply, but really not sure about the banana scent under your arms...

All in all, very impressed and I will continue to use eco deoderant. However, I haven't used them 'in anger'. It isn't the summer yet!

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