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Review: Get Naked Micellar Water

My menopausal skin is a beast, it argues with pretty much any cleanser or moisturiser that I try. And it has been a long and frustrating process finding products that don't leave my face looking like Bozo the Clown...

However, I recently discovered 'Get Naked' micellar water. I have tried big brand micellar waters in the past and still use one to take off mascara, but on my skin they just cause issues.

This one seems to be different. Apart from it smelling totally lush, it actually seems to clean AND calm my skin down.

It seems to remove makeup easily, including mascara (although I haven't tried it on waterproof mascara).

It is vegan, made in the UK and allergen free. The packaging is aluminium and the label is biodegradable.

A lovely online shop that has all sorts of goodies.

Psst... the washable, reusable makeup remover pads in the photo are also excellent and can be purchased from the same website ♥


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