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Review: LilMissHall Cleansing Balm

I stumbled across cleansing balm by accident and wish I had found it sooner.

This one smells lovely.

But more importantly it works. It removed all my makeup easily and quickly, even my mascara.

I am a convert.

£4.95 for a 45ml pot plus £2.95 p&p so good value too. It arrived beautifully packaged.

The blurb:

A cleansing balm is an oil based skin care product that comes in a solid state (as opposed to liquid) and is used for cleansing and makeup removal. Cleansing balms remove makeup like nobody’s business!

The oil in a cleansing balm works to remove dirty oil from your skin and replace it with fresh, nourishing oils.

The beauty of a cleansing balm is that it works for any skin type – dry skin, oily or acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, young skin or mature skin (cleansing balm is fantastic for anti-aging!) Believe it or not, cleansing balm is actually beneficial for people with an oily complexion because it keeps skin from over-producing oil. Traditional foaming cleansers can strip skin of oil, causing your skin to react by producing too much oil.

Scoop out an almond sized amount of cleansing balm and rub it between your fingers to melt the balm.

Massage the balm into DRY skin, using circular motions. Carefully massage over the eye area as well.

Wet a clean muslin washcloth or flannel with warm to hot water and place the cloth or flannel over your face and take in a few breaths while the steam opens your pores.

Use the cloth or flannel to gently wipe away oil from face, being extra careful around the eye area.

Repeat until most of the oil is removed – but skin still feels moisturised.


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