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Review: Riverford Organics

For many years now I have been receiving a weekly veg/fruit box delivery from the fabulous Riverford Organics. In fact it must be over fifteen years at least.

Ethical, sustainable and organic vegetables, meat, dairy and baked goods.

There service is second to none. In all the years I have been a customer I have never received a wrong or missing item, nor has a delivery ever been missed.

I can't tell you how their customer service is...because I have never had to telephone or email them with a query let alone a complaint!

You can't beat the quality or the taste of their produce. Their fresh bread is also unbeatable - so much so, that it converted my long standing 'I only eat white bread' husband to his favourite loaf now being Riverford's wholegrain loaf.

Outstanding doesn't even begin to cover it.

They supply:






Recipe boxes

Deli items

Store cupboard items


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